Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just a "life" post...

Let's face it, we could all use a distraction today, so as I sit, limp as a wet noodle, in my office, I thought I'd provide one.

One of my responsibilities as a college librarian serving undergraduates is instruction. I was a little bit surprised by this when I first started library school. I thought becoming a librarian meant that I'd cavort amongst books all day and have an office cat.

Yeah. Not so.

The beginning of each semester is always the instruction crescendo where I'll get a bunch of requests lined up. So what I have to do is visit a class on a designated day to teach the students about library sources and services tailored to a specific assignment that they have.

I have a whole bunch of classes this semester from a world civilizations course, and a few English composition. I had the first two today.

They went great, but I tell you, it wears me out to do them. I suppose because:

(1) I'm an introvert. Being in front of people does not come naturally to me. I know, I know, this coming from the belly dancer, but there you have it.

(2) I'm an introvert. Being "ON!" so that I can present a professional and pleasant persona in front of a group physically drains my energy.

(3) Did I mention that I was an introvert? I like to talk to books. Strangers, not so much.

(4) Last night I was awoken in the middle of the night by the following: "MOMMY! I COME SLEEP IN YOUR BED!"

All of these things mean that I am absolutely exhausted and plan to do nothing tonight besides knit, drink hard spirits, and watch Breaking Bad with Mike. It's been a few episodes, so I'm certain it's time for yet another drug dealer to meet violent death.

Never a dull moment, I tell you.


  1. I completely understand how draining it is to be in front of and/or verbally and socially engaged with others as an introvert. How on Earth does an introvert become an speech pathologist? I have no idea, but I can tell you that after 28 years of days full of providing speech/language/communication therapy, I am exhausted. I feel your introverted pain!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! What an important profession you work in, it's great that you're able to use your gifts despite the challenge of being an introvert. :)

  2. Ahahahaha #4 would so happen here in our house. I am also an introvert so I feel your pain. Give me books any day!

    1. Nice to see you Allison! I knew you would relate. :)


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