Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Hum, Wisconsin has a "k" in it..." My adventures in Henry's classroom. :)

...yes, this would be on Hank's personalized map of the United States that he filled in and colored. He's almost 8, he's almost as tall as me, but dang it that kid is still CUTE.

I love going to Henry's school. I love seeing the crucifix in every room, and the abundant statues of Our Lady. I got to see the foam crosses that each child had decorated (Henry's had 2 coiled pythons on it and a monkey, apparently we had some holdovers from Noah's Ark making their way to the New Testament), and sit at his desk.

It was all quite precious. I met his teacher, who was very warm and kind, also very experienced. She summed Henry up spot on:

"Henry. Such a sweet boy. Very bright. Needs to work on his listening skills."

Yep, that's my son.

She talked about the curriculum, and that's one of the other things I love about this school. Very traditional. Mathematics, reading and language arts, science, social studies, religion, and yes, good old fashioned penmanship. She spoke of the third grade sacramental preparation for First Holy Communion with reverence, calling it the crown jewel of their religious education program. They have a culture element to the social studies curriculum that is themed for each month, and in December they are going to study Christmas around the world.

LOVE. I saw that she has a collection of books about careers, and included was a book about becoming a librarian.

*angels sing*

The classroom has a little library, and the school of course has a larger one. The children go weekly to get new books. They have frequent informal reading time and they can read whatever they like as long as it's chaptered.

I left feeling all warm and fuzzy, and carrying a new prayer book we each received. Life is good.


  1. Sounds like a great school--and I love that they teach penmanship!

  2. I second the good Sister. I recently read an article saying many schools no longer teach cursive. I was horrified.

  3. Shock and horror, yes ladies. :) How will kids sign their name? This is a bafflement to me. :)


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