Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In the home of the Catholic Librarian last night...

Mike: "Sweetie, is there any more chap stick?"

CL: "Oh! Yes, I have some, Honey. What flavor do you want?"

Mike: "Is this your fancy chap stick? Just something that doesn't look girly when I pull it out of my pocket during class."

"Fancy" is defined as any lip balm not totally devoid of flavor and not purchased at the checkout counter of the local Rite Aid.

CL: "Well, yes, it's natural lip balm made by my soap lady. It's so much nicer than what you usually use." *beams angelically*

Mike: "Do you have any unflavored?"

CL: *looks scandalized* "Um, no. I have one tube of Frozen Margarita and one of Cran-Grape."

*Mike examines the tubes* "The Cran-Grape is pink."

CL: "Sorry."

Mike: *long suffering sigh* "I'll take the Frozen Margarita."

Apparently green is an accepted color for a tube of lip balm.

He is so very cute.

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