Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {Take 13}

-1- I have become so excited about this potential Jesse Tree Ornament swap that I spent a good deal of mental energy this week obsessing over getting enough people involved to guarantee we can pull it off. I even tried to talk my younger sister into it since she is so talented at making jewelry, but since she also works full time outside of the home and is the mother of 11 month old twin boys, this shows you the depths to which I'm willing to sink to twist arms on this one. We need 32 people and by my count we're now up to around 11, so we're getting there! If you're interested, head to Liturgical Time and leave Michelle a comment!

-2- I know it's only September, but I'm getting so excited for Advent, it's just one of my favorite times of the year. Of course, I love Christmas (which as we know, is NOT a single day, it's a liturgical season lasting through early January *beams*) but I'm talking about *Advent*. The joyful anticipation of our Lord's birth beginning in late November/early December through Christmas Eve. It's just magical, and I adore finding new activities to add to my yearly Advent devotions with the kids. Advent doesn't start this year until December 2nd, but if you want to procure or make supplies like the Jesse Tree, an Advent calendar, Advent wreath, etc., you should consider ordering now since things tend to get backordered as the date draws near.

I was ordered last summer for Advent 2012, because my owner is a bit neurotic.

-3- Speaking of September, this month has been CRAZY with the volume of teaching I've had to do. Thankfully, the busiest of these weeks are coming to an end today. The classes I've had these past two weeks have all been the same, just with different students, and I'm pretty sick of hearing my own voice say the same things at this point.

"Didn't I already use that 'amusing' anecdote?! Oh well, who cares, I'm so tired I can't remember."

But I'm trying to remember what my dance teacher always says: no matter how many times you've done it before, it's fresh to THIS audience. So make your delivery fresh, sister.

-4- I have dance tonight, and we're working on our Isis wings choreography. I wasn't sure if I'd like Isis wings, it's like having giant butterfly wings strapped to your back. I'll try to get a picture of myself wearing them at some point, it's pretty entertaining. You end up spinning a lot to make them gain air and float, and while I like turning, I'm not really into multiple fast spins while I'm trying to make the wings on my back behave the way I want them too. I find the whole thing a bit stressful, but part of being in a troupe is trying new things and going along with the group, so I strap on my wings and do my best each week.

-5- I had dinner with my Catholic girlfriends last night, the ones I met when I moved back home after law school and was discerning my calling to a third order. We always end up talking a lot about kids, our cycles, and how we're aging against our will. Typical female stuff. I held a 10 week old baby and it was magnificent.

-6- I'm about to download Mater Eucharistiae from our friends the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. They are my very favorite religious order, and if I had felt called to be a nun, I would almost certainly have applied there. Anyway, their new album of sacred music has apparently been #1 on the Billboard charts of late, and it's available as an mp3 download at Amazon for $6.99! Check it out. If you order the physical CD (price around $12) you receive an mp3 copy as well for free.

-7- If you have any prayer requests, just leave me a comment. :) I value all of you, and don't think I haven't noticed that my little crowd of followers on the right sidebar has grown lately. *waves happily*

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  1. I'm going on a retreat this weekend. Please pray that I'll be open and hear God when he speaks to me this weekend. Also please pray that shy me will be able to strike up conversations since no one I know is going on the retreat. Thanks!

  2. Please pray for full-time employment for my husband or I. I don't think I could spin long enough to get a pair of wings to open up. lol Enjoy!

    1. You have been in my prayers Kate, and I will ramp up prayers for this request. :)


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