Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jammied up, and happy

I go back to work on Wednesday, and I can't believe how quickly my time off has gone. We've been getting this winter storm that has been in the news, which is just fine with me, but it's meant that I've spent a LOT of time in my pajamas and new Christmas slippers entertaining the kids inside. Henry will go out to play in the snow, and has the proper garments to do so, but Anne doesn't. We need to get her some boots. But it's been very cozy and pleasant. Mike and I have been watching lots of new movies that we received for Christmas in the evenings, and we've had several fires. I've been knitting a lot, and reading.

The kids have been enjoying their new gifts, and with the 2 sets of grandparents, it was quite a task to get everything organized and put away. We always do a big sweep in November every year to donate things that the kids are no longer playing with and other things that we no longer need to our local St. Vincent DePaul Center. And thank goodness for that. We're grateful, to be sure, but the toy avalanche can get a little overwhelming. :)

So far, Anne seems to be enjoying her new toy mailbox, and her play food with accompanying microwave the most. Henry is putting together lots of new Legos. Both kids seem to really like their new books, as well as their new saint peg dolls! I had to take St. Therese's head out of Anne's mouth a few times, but otherwise they are unharmed. Even after Henry lined them up to knock down with one of his cars. They are now safely resting on his bedside table. :)

As for me, I'm contemplating what to get with my Knit Picks gift cards and happily planning deep winter projects. I have some things for my twin nephews in mind. I get very jealous when other people knit for them, and hearing that they had new booties spurred me to let my sister know to expect a package soon with new baby leg warmers and crocheted toys to be in her mailbox by the end of January.

Oh! And I received a brand new personal retreat/Marian consecration book from my older sister that I plan to start next month and that I will detail here. So fun!

Lots to look forward to in the new year. I will report in again mid-week! Happy new year!

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