Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A lovely Christmas...

Well, it's December 26th. That used to seem like a sad day to me, but now I know that the Christmas season only just begins on December 25th and I see things a lot differently. It's much happier this way. :)

It was a very nice, much less chaotic Christmas this year (wine will do that for me). Everybody was well behaved at Christmas Eve Mass. Anne looked stunning in a purple velvet dress. Only on Christmas day, she took one look at the fuzzy trimmed red Mrs. Claus dress I was about to put on her and shouted "No No No!" There's only so many fancy dresses Anne can take.

The kids loved their gifts, and I received a new green iPod Nano from Mike, very needed for my dance performances. I also got some new books (including a book of knitted sock patterns for all 4 seasons, and amigurumi crochet animals) and clothes. I'm a very happy girl.

We're all persevering very well on our Christmas staycation, and it's currently snowing up a storm outside! I'm quite cozy tucked in here with Mike as the children (blissfully) sleep.

I hope that everyone had a nice holiday and is happily making new years plans. :)

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