Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Mommy, Anne took off her socks again!"

Yes, it was one of *those* kinds of mornings. Not only did Anne take off her socks and eat them at least a half dozen times as I raced around trying to get us all ready to leave the house, but the following transpired as I went to put her in her car seat:

"Hi Honey, I see you spit up again, let's wipe that up. Wait, what's that smell?"

"Bad smells" are just such a persistent reality to all parents of young children. Yes, she had pooed, and I could already see it seeping through the back of her Onesie. And what time was it? 7:30. Henry has to be in his classroom saying morning prayers at 7:42. This means that I didn't have time to change her, and had to take her smelling self as is all the way to school and then daycare. Whereupon I grabbed one of her alternate outfits out of her cubbie to find that both are 3-6 month sized, meaning she will be stuffed into one of them like a sausage for the remainder of the day since she's fully in a 6 month size now.

It's just one of those days.

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