Monday, October 10, 2011

Interesting weekend

There's lots going on in our lives right now, and this weekend was no exception. Friday night I was chagrined to miss my dance class since we have a performance coming up (more on that in a moment), but Mike and I attended a wedding that evening. Since we don't get out much just the two of us, we enjoyed every moment.

I was feeling very relaxed with my wine and Mike when one of my sisters suggested that we take a picture together, since all 3 of us, plus our mom, were all in attendance. We head away from the noise, out into the entrance area and an attractive bench near a window. Suddenly, a drunk guy saunters over to us in a leering manner.

"Hey. (I think he was aiming for his voice to be 'low and sexy' but it just sounded 'low and creepy') This is like, the best song ever, right?"

The song in question was that "I like big butts" song by Sir Mixalot.

Right. We disposed of him immediately. One would think that the 3 wedding rings would have been enough of a deterrent, but apparently not. I suppose you'd have to be drunk to think that the butts song was "the best ever," anyway, so whatever.

After that interesting Friday night, I had a rehearsal for an upcoming charity event that my belly dance troupe is performing at this week. It will be my first post-baby performance. I'm actually looking forward to it. And I've gotten used to performing enough to not be phased by the creative and haphazard organization of our numbers to account for members who can't make the performance, and other last minute choreography fixes.

"Tiffany, you be Katie in this one, and Lara you'll have to switch sides again. Amy, you're Jan!"

We always get a kick out of it. We've always got some massaging to do in order to make the lineup look even with people missing (since inevitably, all of us can't make every performance) and then we have to keep track of each different lineup from performance to performance, which can be a challenge for aging brain cells, but we persevere. Little group trios become solos, and the right side becomes the left. It keeps us paying attention. I just love those girls.

So, I've added "dance practice" to my evening repertoire, which isn't easy these days but I'm managing. And I'm still knitting. Somehow.

Most likely because I'm crazy.

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