Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exciting news:

I'm getting a new belly dance costume. :)

Granted, this is exciting only to me. But still, I'm thrilled. I've been wanting one to use for solos, but have held off for monetary reasons. Mike and I talked this week and agreed that we had enough for me to choose one as my Christmas gift this year. I doubt that it will be in time for our hafla, but still, since we have the money now, I'm going to lock it down. :) Then I'll have it when I need it. Plus, there's always the chance that our Egyptian friend can bead speedily and have it to me in the month. You never know.

So, I spent some exciting time yesterday drooling over the current designs, and finally selected one. It's turquoise blue, and has a silver hip wrap with material that spills down over the leg with the skirt slit. I'm terribly excited.

I finally got to work on my choreography again last night, although only after an hour long session of getting Anne to sleep. Something was bothering her last night. And before that, I'd gotten a single shoulder roll choreographed in like a week's time. I just never had the opportunity or the energy, frankly. Our evenings are exhausting these days.

I'm getting measured tonight, before our charity show, and then the order will get in. Here's hoping for some fast sewing.

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