Friday, June 17, 2011

Tough day

The weeks since I delivered Anne seem to be flying by, but this week ends with a toughie. My last living grandfather isn't doing very well. He's been frail for some time, but things have taken a precipitous turn for the worse. So, we've moved into family crisis mode. Hospice is involved, my phone is ringing off the hook between my mom and my sisters, and we know that we have a long week ahead.

My grandfather is just a wonderful man. Just the kindest, most patient and sweet person you'd ever meet. We're all going to miss him so, so much when he's not here anymore.

I just saw him last week, and he did wake up long enough to take a peek at Anne. He and my grandmother have been married for 63 years. They have 4 living children (1 baby, a triplet with my living twin uncles, died shortly after birth), 9 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

I've been finding a lot of solace in the rosary. We've settled into a bit more of a rhythm with Anne, and so I've been able to focus my mind and pray more. I've been putting her down later (between 10 and 11 pm for now) and so she's up between 2 and 3 times then before 6 am. Not horrible. I've accepted this as my nighttime situation for the time being. And while I'm up in the night, I'm able to reflect and pray.

I'll post an update on Monday.

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