Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anne's baptism

Well, this Pentecost Sunday brought me much joy, and it was received with a great deal of relief, after a long couple of days (and nights :) ).

I was a little anxious, as I always am about any kind of public event. But the day dawned cool and crisp, which was actually a relief since our house lacks central air conditioning and we were having people over after the ceremony. Hank and I attended Mass in the morning, and then we readied for the early afternoon baptism.

I really couldn't have asked for it to go better. There was only one other baby being baptized at the same time, so the church felt cozy and intimate, especially with the cooler weather prevailing outside. The rite of baptism itself was so beautiful that I actually teared up (*postpartum hormones rage*). The deacon read the gospel about when Jesus asked for the children to be brought to him without reservation. He told us that this passage reflects how God sees us: as little children, his children. And the love that we have for our children is a small way in which we can try to grasp how much God loves us. That just made such an impression on me. No matter how challenging things may be right now, and how great I perceive my faults as a parent, God loves me still unconditionally, just as I love my own children. I just felt so much better after he said that.

The rest of the day I just felt lighter, and I enjoyed visiting with family after the baptism. What a blessing.

And so I go forward, spit up perpetually on my clothes, and smelling like vomit, :) but offering it up for a myriad of difficult intentions. Because that is what God, in my vocation, calls me to do. And while I don't always do it with joy (because I am human, after all) I can do it with great love.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! What a little beauty!

    Welcome to the Church, Anne!!!

  2. I loved seeing the photos on FB this morning. You look beautiful and Anne blissful.

  3. Congrats on the baptism! (And you look FANTASTIC, by the way!) I'm sorry I missed the recent visit to campus. I bet you all had a great time and Anne was the highlight of lunch hour! :)


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