Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A "perfect" family?

So, I've noticed something since I delivered Anne. We didn't know her gender before the birth, as you know, and so since word got out that I had a girl, we're getting lots of comments.

"Oh, a boy and a girl! A perfect family!"

"Aren't you so happy that you got your girl?!"

Well, I am happy that I had a girl, because I love my baby. But I would have been just as thrilled with another boy, and that's the God's honest truth. I noticed that while I was pregnant too, people would ask "so, you're hoping for a girl, right?" As if I would certainly be "disappointed" with a second boy. I truly thought the baby *was* a boy, and I was very much looking forward to meeting little Thomas for the first time. :) When the doctor told me that the baby was a girl, I was shocked. I mean, seriously. Totally shocked.

And I was happy. Because she's my baby. :) I adore my son, and so to have another boy would have been anything but a disappointment. I just find these assumptions a tad curious. I know people mean well. But I would have thought that I had a perfect family regardless of the baby's gender. I just feel so blessed to have my husband and two children. I wouldn't trade any of them in for anything. :)

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  1. Comments like that drive me crazy! We're getting: "I bet you hope it's a boy!" a lot and I know if it's another girl (like you I'd be thrilled either way) we'll start getting: "Are you going to try again, or are you giving up?" or something along those lines, like another girl was a major disappointment. If it's a boy it'll be: "So you're done!" You just can't win!


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