Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6 week growth spurt

Anne has been just a little cling-on these past few days, and I suspect she's beginning the 6 week growth spurt. She hasn't wanted to be anywhere but in someone's arms, so it's tough to get anything done. But I persevere. We had a long night last night too (see post below, infra), with her up every 2 hours.

Henry has been good, but it's a handful having both of them. He's been playing well independently in his bedroom with his Transformers. Often heard from the vicinity of his room:


BUT, I did go to Target yesterday with both of them BY MYSELF. *gold star* It went pretty well, actually. Toting children reduces your efficiency in doing errands, and the thing is, it doesn't merely double your time investment. You're operating at something like 20% capacity. Alas.

I hear a crying baby. My 5 minutes is up. Sigh. Off I go!

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