Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School update, and other online musings

I was just reading on my friend Bridget's blog about her nightmare when her Google account was hacked. This has now made me extremely paranoid :) My blogger sign-in is tied to Google, which is the segment of my Google account that I'm most attached to. I don't even use Gmail that often, or Google Docs, it's my blog that I cherish. This got me to worrying (as most things do...): what if I couldn't get access to my blog for, like, months? This is what happened to Bridget. I think I would curl up into a ball of anxiety and be despondent for the entire time period. This also got me to thinking: If you're like me, you've become attached to some of the blogs and bloggers that you follow, and you feel that you "know" them. What happens if something happens to one of us? Will we ever find out what became of our online friend? *frets*

If anything odd and totally unlike me appears on this blog, you'll know that I've been hacked. Disregard it, and await my safe return. If I ever disappear, and don't post for a week or more without prior notice, pray for me :) Because I promise, I'm not leaving you abandoned without a good reason. By this, you can probably surmise I'm either comatose or dead, unfortunately. Assuming I'm not dead, I'll be back. So maintain vigil!

Ok, so that was on my mind, wanted to get that out there first :) In other news, Henry had a good day at school yesterday. He seemed chipper, if a bit tired, and came home with a boatload of paperwork. The teacher included a cute red "take home " folder in Hank's backpack with all of the documents in it. Whenever we need to send something to her, we place them in the folder, for morning pickup when Hank arrives at school. She will send things home the same way. I like this system, and it soothed me a bit. Especially since, you know, we parents are not allowed actually *in* the school very often. *sighs* They're having an evening open house at the end of the month, so I'm looking forward to meeting his teacher and seeing his room then.

We got the pre-paid lunch situation all figured out, and I'm happy to know that he can now buy a hot lunch whenever we'd like. His bussing also went very smoothly, I was glad to hear. It helps me to know that it's the workers at our trusted daycare that are dropping him off and picking him up each day. They meticulously make certain that they have each child that is scheduled to come with them. The district buses (for all the local districts around here) had a lot of issues on the first day, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about Hank aimlessly wandering a street somewhere by himself after getting dropped off in the wrong spot :(

Last night, I still felt out of sorts. It was a milestone kind of day. Things just don't feel "routine" quite yet, and as I'm sure you know about me now, I love and worship routine. This morning, though, I did feel somewhat better. And when I dropped Hank, nary a tear was shed. In a few weeks, I know that we'll feel all adjusted. And I just keep repeating in my head, "if we hate it, there's always St. John's next year..." Stay tuned :)

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