Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conversation with Henry this morning in the car...

"Mommy, see that bird? We can never step on birds, right Mommy?"

"Oh no Honey, you should never step on birds."


"Because it would hurt them."

"But what would it do to them?"

"It would hurt them real bad. And we should never hurt people or animals."

"But what would it do to them?"

"It might kill them."

*all too brief silence*

"That wouldn't be very nice."

"No Honey. God wants us to respect all life."

"God would not want me to kill birds?"

"No Honey."

"What about an ant?"

"You shouldn't step on ants when you're outside. That's not nice."

"But what does it do to them?"

"It kills them."

"God would not want me to kill them. But what about if they're in the house?"


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  1. Ah, the wonder and the beauty of those little minds that never stop questioning!


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