Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall knitting...

There's my boy, reading in his new hat :) I just have a few more ends to weave in, and he's all set. He's super precious.

Other than the hat, I'm working on a lot of things, but not finishing much. *groans* Isn't this always the way? My amigurumi bear is finished, except for a face, which I need help embroidering, so I count that one as mostly done. He has all of his body parts, and is all stitched together save for his head. Poor guy. But he'll be done soon. I have in progress:

(1) A shrug, and this is one of those projects that I've actually developed a loathing for. You know those? You're sick of, and/or bored by, the pattern, perhaps you don't like the yarn the way you thought you would, and so you desperately want to finish it and put it out of its misery. Plus, you're guilted into finishing it before moving onto to more desirable projects. I have this going on *big time*. I'm so sick of this thing I can hardly look at it.

When I started it, I was all excited. "Shrug! Cute! I have some taupe acrylic yarn to use up, and it'll be perfect for fall." Cast on. "Rib for 2 inches! Cute! Looks very sweater-like." Fine. Then... "Wait...Work in stockinette stitch on straight needles for *42 INCHES*!" All knitters know that working straight stockinette stitch on straight needles is a terrible fate. This means 'back and forth, back and forth, knit one row, purl next, back and forth' until you feel that you may stab your own eyes out with your knitting needles. I'm SO SICK of it I can hardly speak its name. There's no way I'm making it to 42 inches. I used up all the yarn I had, and it was barely 30 inches. Against my better judgment, I bought an additional skein of yarn, and now, so help me God, this is the last skein I will put into it. When this yarn is done, stick a fork in it baby, 'cause it's done, I'm binding off. On that uplifting note...

(2) Crew Neck Sweater from New England Knits. This one I'm happy with. I was waiting for some stitch holders that I ordered to come in, and now I can continue. Just as soon as the Shrug of Doom is done.

(3) A pair of socks for my mom. They're very pretty, and the first pair I've ever knit. The yarn is multi-hued shades of purple.

(4) An afghan to keep over the back of our wooden rocking chair, just as soon as the weather turns cooler. I love afghans. I won't mention how many afghan kits I have in my stash just waiting to be crocheted. It's better that way, trust me.

Actually...that's not bad at all! Maybe I can start something else! But wait...oh God, the SHRUG! I *have* to finish it before starting something else, otherwise I won't ever be able to force myself to pick it up again, and there it will rot in my spare knitting bag, its needles sacrificed, its yarn scorned. This is bad.

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