Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My grown-up baby

*sniffles* Yesterday evening was Hank's pre-k graduation, and as expected, it caused quite a bit of emotion for his mother. Who, as you know, is emotional about everything.

The evening started to unfold yesterday, on my way home from work, as I stopped to pick up a personalized cookie cake that I'd ordered for him. Hank and I both *love* cookie cake. I will grant, it was a tad bit bigger than I originally anticipated. I asked for a medium, and since they didn't have one of that size already made and I was calling same day, it was either a small or a large. I got the large. Well. I arrived at the grocery store to find the largest cookie in the free world waiting for me. And fully frosted too. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I may skip dinner and just eat cookie cake tonight... Anyway, I digress. I also picked up some frozen tortellini that I could whip up for dinner, and headed home. I prayed that my a/c-less car wouldn't melt the frosting. I made it home with cake intact, to find Mike and my father-in-law sanding something unknown in our driveway. Despite possible destruction, I see this as a good thing.

I bring in the groceries and find out that they are replacing screens and sanding window frames. Sweet. Henry was over at the neighbors playing with a friend, and I begin to worry that mega overtired boy is headed our way. We eat an early dinner, and give Hank a bath. He's bouncing off the walls from all the excitement. This process is not aided by the arrival of my parents, and the cutting of the cookie cake. We all had sugar highs within minutes.

After the cake was finished, I got Hank dressed in his cap and gown, so that we could all fawn over him and photograph him. He seemed to love this. We got him to school and with the other kids to get ready, and then we proceeded to the auditorium...where I realized that we forgot our camera. Mike was dispatched to retrieve it. Meanwhile, I could see the kids lining up in the back. Mike hurried back, and the processional began.

So, SO adorable. There is nothing like seeing your very own child at an event like this. It's so wonderful. I got teared up watching him come down the aisle. Once they were all assembled on stage, they sang a few songs, and diploma presentation began. Of course, they weren't real diplomas, it was just a photo-op for the parents, but we all loved it. More songs, and then the recessional. This is the kind of graduation that I like. I have to admit - I'm dreading future high school and possibly other graduations to come. It seems like those things are inevitably outside on a 90 degree day and interminably long with excruciating speeches. The pre-k, on the other hand, is all adorably good.

We waited outside for Hank while Mike fetched him, and when they came out, they bore good stuff. The daycare center had compiled pictures of the kids from all of their years spent there, and made a hardbound memory book for each family. I opened it up to see a picture of Hank and I at the Mother's Day Tea in 2008, when he was 2 years old, his first year at the center. I started to cry... you know, *again*. I so love things like that. I've always loved that about this daycare facility - the things that they do are so very thoughtful. The Mother's and Father's Day events, the senior graduation, the 3 year olds Christmas show. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. It's days like this that make me want to pop out 10 kids right then and there.

Then we got home and Hank refused to go to sleep because he was so hyped up and overtired. Reality sets in :)

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