Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Headcovering of the week...

Borrowing this idea from my friend Cam over at A Woman's Place... I thought I'd do a quick post on my new headcovering. As I anticipated, the very nice ladies at Garlands of Grace exchanged coverings for me in a very speedy manner when I accidentally received the wrong one. This is my newest covering, and it's super cute:

You can get this particular covering at their web site or over at their etsy store. If you google them, you'll come right up with both. This one has thin crocheted ties, and it's really lovely. I love these types of short kerchief coverings, as well as the headbands. This one actually scrunches up to a headband, if you like. I've worn it both ways. I tend to wear the coverings longer when my hair is down, and the headband if my hair is up. I find both very flattering and non-attention grabbing at Mass.

My new coveted favorite is the Delicate Lace Covering. *wants* *wont' be getting because CL simply cannot possibly justify it's acquisition...* My headcovering drawer is suddenly very cozy due to a sufficient number of cute coverings :)

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