Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steadfast in faith

Today started off a bit like yesterday - I was having a hard time physically shaking the emotional black cloud that seems to be perched stubbornly over my head. But when Hank hustled upstairs to tell me that he found a small package waiting for me inside our front door that we hadn't seen when retrieving the mail yesterday, I perked. My Garlands of Grace headcoverings!

*sigh* The silver headband was cute as a button, and I popped it right on my head. The black and white scarf, on the other hand, didn't make it. Accidentally, I had been sent a plain white cotton covering, in the long length style. I emailed them right away, and I'm sure they'll take care of swapping it for me, but it was a bit of an omen of the topsy turvy day to come. In preparation, I kept the silver headband on. It soothed me.

I got to the breakfast table, and Mike reluctantly handed me the front section of the paper. Our state legislature passed the proposal forcing us to be furloughed one day per week, beginning next week. I suppose this isn't a surprise, but it hit me hard nonetheless. There are many things I could say about how I feel about all of this, but I won't say them, because frankly, they aren't helpful for me to dwell on. I just have to remain strong and trust that the Lord will see us through this.

I started my rosary on the way into work, and have kept it by my side, another soothing element. When I arrived at work, I found a panic stricken student outside the closed library. She had an exam inside a library room and wanted to get in to get herself situated. We let her in, and the circulation coordinator let us know that there would be a fire drill in 15 minutes. *another sigh* This did nothing to soothe the poor, frantic law student who had an exam beginning at that exact same time. I sent many sympathy vibes her way as we all shivered outside during the fire drill. There's a cold spell here this week.

I just opened my purse-sized New Testament.

Philippians 2: 27-30

Only conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that, whether I come and see you or an absent, I may hear news of you, that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind struggling together for the faith of the gospel, not intimidated in any way by your opponents. This is proof to them of destruction, but of your salvation. And this is God's doing. For to you has been granted, for the sake of Christ, not only to believe in him but also to suffer for him...

It made me feel a little bit better.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your furlough. That's so not cool. It seems that the government everywhere is having to make cuts. We have a vote this week about increasing sales tax just so we can keep public school teachers and firefighters. Our deficit is so bloated, but we're not supposed to have one by state law. So I understand how you feel. I've watched poor teachers and librarians stand outside at the corners of schools, and my neighbor has her car decked out with vote for prop 100. Everyone is scared. And I don't blame them. Who wants to loose their job? I hope that your state can come up with a similar measure to raise money. And it's not fair to the students. They are the ones who get hurt as well as the staff.

  2. Thanks :) It's a pretty bad situation, as it is everywhere. Just so frustrating. We're not to blame for this terrible thing, but yet we have to suffer. *sighs* And definitely, the kids suffer.


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