Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hanging in there, and many craft projects are born

Hank took this picture; can you tell? :) It's the only one I could secure that didn't have his little finger going across the lens. At any rate, it's me with MY NEW CHAPLET!! Which I love to pieces. I recited it both yesterday evening and this morning, and it brought me much comfort. Oh dearest chaplet, how I love thee...

The beads are nice and smooth, perfect for slipping through your fingers while praying. Here is a view of just the chaplet itself:

*beams* The chaplet is very happy in its new home. It's being well cared for and loved. And most importantly, prayed.

Henry and I had a little photo session last night while Mike was at his summer class. I also have some new crafts to show off. I'm all into this seasonal table settings thing now, and for the past month or so I've been busily crocheting us a summer table runner and placemats. Here is an overview of the table:

I really like the placemats. It's a great pattern I got off of e-Patterns Central for Citrus Lunch Mats:

As part of my stress relief knitting, I made a few dishcloths last weekend. I love this particular pattern, also from e-Patterns Central, for Spring Is In the Air Dishcloths:

This one is a free pattern off the Lily Sugar 'n Cream web site for striped dishcloths:

The yarn is Sugar 'n Cream Violet Stripes. Super pretty.

Last night, I knitted away on the prayer shawl I'm making for my grandmother. I'm using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn I mentioned before. The color is called Parfait, and it creates a beautiful rose-colored striping pattern as you knit in garter stitch. Hank walked by, picked up the skein of yarn, and held it to his little cheek:

"OOhhhh. Mommy. Can I take this to bed with me?"

Um, no. But I had to promise to knit him a blanket in the yarn, and I just happen to have a blue/green color in my stash called Waterfall. I found a free pattern on Lion's web site for a diagonal blanket, and away I go. There is certainly something oddly alluring about this yarn, despite its idiosyncrasies. I pet it frequently.

Ok, I'm bound for the reference desk, so I'm off to transform into Super Librarian. I hope you all are having a blessed day!


  1. Just stopping in to say "hello" :) I'm always happy to find other Catholic blogs! (I found you via Allison @ Broken Fortress)

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Allison! Wonderful to have you :) I agree - I love Catholic blogs!


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