Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soft clothes and book clubs...

It's toward the end of another long week, and I need a break from work. I'm kind of sick of it :) It's just a particularly busy time of the semester, and the constant feeling of putting out fires is getting old. We'll get there.

This morning, in between creating yet another lesson plan, I took a break to look online for some long sleeved shirts for Henry. *Important Alert* has a special 15% off code available today only for a birthday celebration. Seize this opportunity :) I actually found some great long sleeved shirts for Henry in 5T with his favorite characters on them. Heaven forbid he should wear anything without a super hero or a construction vehicle on it. He's very particular these days.

While on there, I took it upon myself to browse the new micro fleece offerings. This is a winter weakness of mine every single year. I *love* Old Navy performance fleece. It's just so soft and cozy. Somehow, I wound up with a cowl neck fleece top in a gorgeous rich purple, 2 pairs of fleece pants for around the house (practical black and dark gray), 1 pair of chenille socks (cute stripes), a fleece tote bag (black and silver)and a long sleeved black/white striped cotton tee in my cart, along with Hank's stuff. It's just a mystery as to how this happened...

But at any rate, with 15% off already reasonable Old Navy prices, Henry and I are now the proud owners of some new clothes. *Happy*

So now, I'm on the reference desk, and between patrons, I'm working filling out the voting form for the library book club. I went to the first couple meetings of the book club several years back, because, well, it's totally up my alley. Librarian + books = CatholicLibrarian. But I bowed out after a few meetings because I wasn't regularly able to read the selected book on time. I read every day, but sometimes I wasn't all that into the selection of the month, and I'd read the books in my own personal queue, and time would get away from me.

So now, I'm reapproaching the book club with a fresh attitude. It makes no sense for me to not go - it's *so* me. So, on months that I don't care for the book selected, I simply will plan not to attend. But at least half the time, I'm going to want to give the monthly selection a whirl, and I can happily attend and enjoy camraderie with my librarian colleagues.

With that in mind, I picked up November's selection from the public library - Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan. Frank Lloyd Wright is pretty big in Western New York, and certainly has a well known "interesting" personal life, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm going to read it after I finish my current quilt book.

So, when I received an email asking me to vote on the books that the book club will read over the course of the next two years, I jumped on that like an excited Golden Retriever puppy. I was pleased with the sheer volume of categories represented. Some, granted, are not my cup of tea - graphic novels, science fiction/fantasy. But even within those genres, within the provided book descriptions, I was able to find a few to vote for that sounded pretty interesting. I was happy to find tons of entries in women's and general fiction, biographies/memoirs, historical fiction, general nonfiction, and mysteries/thrillers. There's even an Amish fiction title on the list (!) as well as a women's fiction entry featuring knitting and one featuring a cooking school. Happy day.

So I voted, and I'm anxiously awaiting the results that will be announced in a few weeks. It's true, this is the most exciting thing that happened to me today. Not exactly glamorous, the life of a Catholic Librarian, but it is such a good, good life...

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