Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recent projects

Last night I put the socks out of their misery: I pulled them out - the beauty of crochet. You can undo your mistakes so easily. I think that's one thing that intimidates me about knitting; it's not so easy to get the bad stuff out of there. I was just getting some bad mojo from those socks. They were frightening in their gargantuan nature. I still have my pink/green sock yarn, and I may attempt another pattern, but for now the socks are at rest, and at peace.

I got out the ugly kids yarn and embarked on Hank's mittens. As soon as he spotted it, he went into another litany of his love for this yarn: "Mommy, it's so beautiful!!" He hugged it and squeeze it, giving it his blessing before it is transformed into warm mittens and a hat for him.

He and I did a photo session last night to try and capture the prayer shawl I made for my mom, and the cascade scarf I made for my sister, Shauna'h. The scarf is really, really cool. The first picture is of me wearing the scarf, and it's not the best picture of me ever taken. However, Henry took the picture, and given that he's 3, I think it's pretty decent:

Here's Henry wearing the scarf:

And the scarf doing it's own thing:This pattern is actually quite easy, and is free on Lion Brand Yarn's website. You have to sign up to access the pattern, but sign-up is also free. It's pretty cool.

I had a harder time getting some good pictures of the shawl, but I did what I could. Henry is our model:A back view:Doing it's own thing:

I'm pretty excited about all my crochet projects. Aside from the ill fated socks, I'm getting a real sense of accomplishment from the whole thing. Little things make me very happy.

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