Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Power instruction day mercifully over...

Yesterday, I had 3 classes to teach, which is a lot for me. During the busy library instruction season, I'll typically have 1 to 2 classes to teach per week, and usually they are on separate days. Occasionally (like tomorrow, actually) I'll have 2 to teach in one day. But 3 in one day is pretty rare, and even though I know that k-12 teachers do this all the time, this wasn't exactly what I signed up for when I became a *librarian* so it stresses me out quite a bit. When I decided to leave my old career as an attorney and go to school to obtain an MLS, I envisioned myself, hair in bun, glasses perched cutely on nose, answering questions at a reference desk and assisting library patrons in finding books in the online catalog or in the stacks. As I've mentioned before, teaching did not come naturally to me, and it's a struggle for someone with an introverted personality.

That being said, I've definitely evolved as a teacher, and in a positive direction. I did notice that right before my first class yesterday, I wasn't sweating nearly as much as I would have thought, and not once did I feel like I had to throw up. I've come a long way.

My situation yesterday was that I was teaching 3 recitations (small class segments) from the same larger course. So, it was the same material 3 separate times. The first class, I was witty. The second class, I was still pretty funny. Those students were more lively too, that was the best of the bunch, I think. The third class, I was exhausted and tired of hearing myself make the same jokes, and all I could think about was finishing so that I could go home, snuggle with Mike and Hank, and have a glass of wine.

Class #1 - "So, this feature of the online library catalog allows you to 'spy' a bit on the classmate that had the audacity to snag the book ahead of you..."
Class #2 - "This 'check availibility' link allows you to employ a bit of espionage in your catalog searches..."
Class #3 - "Click here if someone already has the book checked out."

Mercifully, I made it through to live to plan another lesson. Tomorrow morning I have an English 102 class at 9, and then another World Civilizations recitation at 3. It'll be another long day, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

On to our Living Faith devotion for today...

What Martha Did Right, Luke 10:38

Hank loves this one from his children's Bible. He always asks why Martha looks so frantic in the kitchen. It makes me laugh, because I'm totally Martha. Mary is in the living room, lounging at Jesus' feet, and I'd be in the kitchen, a broom in one hand, a mixing bowl in the other, flour in my hair and a scowl on my face. I just can't let the dishes go until company leaves; I can't help it, I have a Type A personality.

Anyway, I digress. Our devotion notes: "We who are blessed with the gift of faith also encounter Jesus as he enters our own villages. Whether in the sacraments, in personal prayer or in the people around us, Jesus makes himself available and gives us an opportunity to welcome him."

I liked this thought. All of us can partake in Jesus' presence within whatever circumstances we find ourselves in by frequenting the sacraments, and taking time out for prayer. This reminds me; it's been a few months since I've been to Confession, and I should go. That's always a pick-me-up. The priest at my parish does an awesome job with Confession. As soon as you are settled in the confessional, he prays a prayer for you to have a good confession. It's very soothing :)

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