Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayerful crafts

Well, it's a happy, happy day in the world of the Catholic Librarian when she actually finishes a craft project that she's undertaken. Two nights ago, I completed the baby blanket that I embarked upon for our neighbor, Alyssa. It was a simple crochet pattern of single crochet and puff stitches, but afghans always take time, regardless. And I finished :) Here it is:

Thrilled with my success, I decided to start on the prayer shawl that I want to make for my mom for Christmas. A few weeks ago, I picked up a pattern book called Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls; the pattern that I chose is Prayer for Comfort, and comes complete with a prayer, that I absolutely love:


Bless the shawl that my hands are about to create and make it a comfort and a blessing to the person who receives it. May she find peace during life's trials, setbacks, disappointments and hardships as she wraps herself in Your love and in this shawl. May it be a sign of Your loving presence and a reminder that she is surrounded by prayers asking You to give her wings to fly above her troubles.


My mom loves purple, so I picked out a deep plum yarn for it, and so far, the fledgling shawl is coming along nicely. I started it yesterday during my knit/crochet group lunch, and you know how it is when you first start a project. I'm sitting hunched over, staring at the pattern, with this teeny tiny, absolutely unidentifiable purple object cupped in the palm of my hand.

"Ok, I made the loop with the slip stitch, but the double crochets are supposed to go *where*?!"

I did finally figure it out, and made a ton of progress while watching Wall Street with Mike last night after Henry went to bed. I now have a small purple triangle and I'm very proud of it. By the end of the weekend, I should have a downright juvenile-sized shawl.

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