Friday, April 17, 2009

Paint Colors Galore

So, feeling springly motivated, I indeed stopped off at Sherwin Williams on my way home from work yesterday. I happily walked over to the sample area, and started withdrawing strips. Before I knew it, my hand contained at least 10 green strips. Even the colors that on the online color visualizer weren't green, were in fact green. All of those yellows that I thought were "lemongrass?" All green. I swear it, there's something wrong with me. I have an unhealthy obsession with the color green. I tried to mix up my selections a bit, and headed home. Here is where the true difficulty comes in - convincing my husband to agree with my wacky choices. Of my carefully chosen samples, he liked a medium shade blue based green for Hank's room called Nurture Green. That was fine, so we went with it. The tougher part was our room. Much negotiation took place. I'm in love with this lime-y springy, grassy color (yes, green; so kill me) called Gleeful, which he rejected out of hand. I finally got him to agree to two possible choices: a buttery color called White Raisin, and an earthy, clay-like terracotta called Spiced Cider. After much morning conferral with my sister, I think I'm going to go with the Spiced Cider. Our house isn't that big, and although I like dark colors, I worry about them making the smallish rooms feel even smaller. But this isn't overly dark, plus we have huge white trim and mouldings in our house, which balances darker colors nicely. I'm still plotting about my Gleeful. I think I'm going to do the hallways with it, and it's sister lighter color, Springtime. I'm just going to buy the paint for that project and not tell Mike :) Hey, it's the hallway. Why would he care?

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