Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling Spring-y...

I'm currently devoting energy that I should be spending working on the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer. This thing could assist a willing participant in wiling away an entire afternoon, let me assure you. But anyway, each spring and summer I paint one or two rooms in our house. For anyone who has never seen our house, it's a very cute 1930's brick jobber with a lot of traditional charm. When we bought it, the previous owners had lived in it for decades, and the decor was decidedly 1970's hideous. We've systematically ripped out wall-to-wall carpet (gold; need I say more? Oh, and it was covering *hardwood floors.* Gold carpet had even infected *the kitchen.* I shudder just thinking back on it), steamed down peeling geometric-patterned wallpaper, and painted dirty "white" walls. Given that we have a toddler, and that I work full-time, finding time to paint is no easy feat. So, I reserve it in small increments for the nicer weather and take some time off from work to accomplish my task. The past two years, we've tackled the larger living spaces: living room, dining room and kitchen. This year, my goal is the bedrooms.

I had planned to paint Hank's room blue. Don't all little boys covet blue rooms? Not my son, apparently. He has requested green; truly, he is his mother's son. I would paint every room green if I could. It's such a soothing color. Anyway, he wants green, so I'm thinking of a mossy, dill-like shade for him. For our bedroom, I'm putting far too much thought into paint, I'm thinking. As is unsurprising, I secretly want it green. However, our living room is already Artichoke, Hank's room (right next door) is going to be Dill, and someday I'm going to paint the upstairs bathroom Bonsai Green, to match the accent color in the tile that's in there. That's a lot of green, even for me. Oh, and our comforter set is green. I'm a lunatic. But in my current issue of Women's Day (don't make fun) I saw a picture of a room done in spring-y, botanical green, and it really got my creative juices flowing. Yes I know, I can't do green - the overkill thing. But it got me thinking about maybe a complimenting yellow. Our kitchen is yellow (I know, I know, doesn't she like anything except the same colors, again and again?!) but that's a deep, Tuscan yellow. This spring thing has me thinking happy lemony thoughts.

My Color Visualizer procrastinating led me to the following possibilities for our bedroom:

Lemon Verbena
Lemon Chiffon

Am I being too seasonally affected? These are all very spring-ish colors. I hope that I don't hate them in November. Ah well, we'll see. At any rate, I'm plotting a Sherwin Williams trip on my way home from work.

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