Monday, March 23, 2009

One of these days...

I'll be able to relay my daily goings-on without having them dominated by the bathroom habits of my 3 year old. *sighs* Overall, I had a very nice long weekend with Hank. I don't often take time off from work, and I'm realizing that this needs to change. I need to recharge sometimes too, and I should take advantage of my paid vacation time. I'm having a bit of "spring fever" going on, and I've had a strong desire to be home more cleaning and clearing - thus time off right now is refreshing and productive. I was a little tornado of energy Saturday morning, dragging Hank upstairs with me to assist in cleaning out our storage room. I hauled out a truckload of crap and created a pile to be donated to St. Vincent DePaul that is currently dominating our basement. I was so feverishly obsessed with my task that it caused Mike to nervously ask if a baby CatholicLibrarian could be on the way...I'm a neurotic nester. But no, I do not think baby CatholicLibrarian #2 is imminent :) I just have lots of house task energy to burn right now.

In other developments, Hank continues to vex us with toilet training. We're going to go broke buying fresh fruit to "help things along" at this rate. In a few of his more amusing moments related to this topic:

- Upon wake up one morning, and vehement denial that he has to use the potty, a soaked Pull-Up results within minutes.

CL: Hank honey, why didn't you tell me that you had to go potty?
Hank: I didn't have to go potty.
CL: Well, your Pull Up is soaked, honey.
Hank: A *MONSTO* did that.
CL: A monster peed in your Pull Up?
Hank: *complete poker face* YES.

- Repeated, 8 hour denial that he has to go poo. Many frustrating trips to the bathroom ensue. Hank strolls into the living room, very, *very* casually.

Hank: Hi Mommy. I not pooing.
CL: *groans* Great, so you're pooing.
Hank: No I not. *strikes odd pose*

A rush into the bathroom (inevitably, right in the middle of dinner) results in aforementioned jaws of life being implemented to prevent any actual production. By this point, I'm considering breaking into the liquor cabinet early.

Hank: Mommy, could you hold me?
CL: Hank, do you have to go poo?
Hank: NO.

30 seconds elapse.

CL: Hank, do you have to go poo?
Hank: *pitifully* yes.

So, in the end we had a success, but I tell you, I've never spent so much time in the rest room, not even when I was pregnant with the little frustrater.

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