Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My own little super hero

Yesterday, I borrowed Scooby Doo Meets Batman from the public library to watch with Hank while Mike was teaching in the evening. He's really into super heroes lately. And this installmant was 2 old Scooby Doo episodes, the classics. It brought back happy memories just listening to the opening music :) I loved Scooby when I was little. Anyway, Hank was enthralled. When we finished, he stood funny for a minute, and asked if he could be Batman for Halloween. As we went upstairs, he declared:

"Mommy, I Batman! You, Robin." He then proceeded to skulk about in the hallway and leap into doorways shouting "Yikes! A ghost! Let's get him!!"

This is a hugely adorable improvement over other things he's been shouting about at home lately. One that brings back not-so-happy memories is:

Mike: "Hank, come on, push. You can do it, *push*!"
Hank: "NO NO NO NO NO!!! I *no want* to push!! I *all done*!"

That's one memory that I'm repressing as best I can.

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