Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventures in Potty Land, Season 2

Following the potty-related debacle at daycare last Thursday ("The Great Poo-Splosion of 2009"), Mike and I have been monitoring Hank's bathroom habits (poor child) like hawks. Pear juice and fresh pineapple at the ready, we've been scooping him up and marching him to the bathroom at regular intervals daily. We've become quite adept at reading his body language as indicators of when the time is right. This is much more complicated than getting a child to go pee-pee on the toilet, I assure you. In that case, load 'em up with salty foods and consequent beverages, pop them on the potty 30-60 minutes later, and voila! Instant teaching opportunity. The poo is a much more elusive entity.

Thus, we've uncovered the following as indicators that we need to rush Hank to the bathroom immediately:

(1) discreet squatting
(2) hiding under tables
(3) being quiet in another room for longer than 2 minutes
(3) a clear "funny walk"
(4) obvious noxious odors

For the first time, we had some success with vigilantly watching for these behaviors and getting him into the bathroom on time. Granted, this was all accompanied by (a) whining, (b) complaining, (c) protestations, (d) denials, and (e) crying, but we persevered. I think we're making progress :)

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