Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trying to stay warm...

If you can believe it, I'm *still* sick. This happens to me every autumn, suddenly. I've been reduced to wearing fleece indoors and sipping herbal tea at all times. My throat is so ridiculously sensitive, it takes next to nothing to set off an embarrassing coughing attack. I'm actually headed to Old Navy at lunch to buy *more fleece.*

Well, at least I've had more lethargic time on my hands to work on my Christmas afghan. I'm more than half finished. It's very festive and cheery. And it keeps my lap warm in the evenings while I work on it. Every night I'm dressed in flannel from neck to foot, with heavy socks on. Mike swears I should be sweltering, but you know how men are. They're *always* warmer than we are. Why is it? But it's true, isn't it? The only time this was different was when I was pregnant with Hank, he himself a male heat generator. I should have known I was having a boy just based on that. It was like incubating a space heater for nine months. I remember lying in bed one evening, clad in a long maternity tank top and no pants. Mike was beside me, tucked under the covers, shivering. It was a powerful feeling of role reversal :)

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