Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas is coming...

Our house is regularly filled with the strains of "It's begwinning to wook a wot wike CHWISTMAS! Toys in evwy store!!" Hank is practicing for his upcoming Christmas concert at the daycare. It's adorable. He has accompanying hand gestures and everything. Today is show and tell, and he requested to take in the new toy mixer that nana and papa got him for his birthday. The child loves to cook. He also loves to read, and his book collection is ever growing. He's at a point now where he'll flip through a book and try to recite it from memory, based on our reading it to him (again, and again, and again...oh, the joys of toddlerhood :) He now requests specific books to add to his collection, or borrow from the library. He handed me the flyer he got at daycare for the Scholastic book club, and pointed out a few titles that interested him. A true librarian's son; I'm very proud.

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