Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today is my baby's birthday!

*sobs* He's getting so big! My precious little angel. He was all excited because it was mild enough today to wear his short-sleeved Spider Man shirt. The child is bitter about being forced to be Thomas the Tank Engine for Halloween again this year. He's dropping super hero hints all over the place.

Anyway, we made cupcakes for his daycare class last night. I felt guilty when I dropped them off this morning, and his teacher enthused about how good the cookies were that I made for their Halloween party. Remember the pre-made Pillsbury cookie story? Right, I didn't fess up :) I just smiled and thanked her. The cupcakes too, were Pillsbury. I'm coming down with something, and was way too exhausted to make anything from scratch. My in-laws arrive in town today, so I'll have house guests until Monday, and we're having a small party for Hank on Saturday. It's going to be busy, and I have very limited energy. I'll do the best I can, I suppose...

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