Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My day yesterday...

A day in the life of the glamorous Catholic Librarian:

1. Go to work.
2. Come home from work.
3. Eat chili made in crock pot that I'm ever so pleased about.
4. Try to go to grocery store. Hank throws temper tantrum. I have to walk out to the car, Hank tucked firmly under my arm, kicking and screaming the whole way while I try to act as though nothing is amiss.
5. Go to grocery store. Most exciting purchase: new razor blades for my Intuition razor. That thing is awesome!
6. Come home and give Hank bath. Hank protests and has to be subdued in the tub.
7. Get Hank ready for bed and attempt to pacify him.
8. Sit with Hank so that he will fall asleep. After an hour, he does.
9. Read book.
10. Fall sound asleep.


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