Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bellydance practice...

Quick note on a milestone - lost another half pound. *halo*

Anyway, last night I was home alone with Hank while Mike was at his Statics class. Hank was safely esconced watching Yo Gabba Gabba (Why, God, why?! I have yet to see another childrens show more annoying than that one, and boy, is that hard to say) so I got out my veil and set to work practicing my bellydancing routine for our upcoming Hafla. I wrapped myself in my green veil, started the music, and off I went. Events transpire as follows:

Catholic Librarian (hereinafter, CL): *tosses veil over head in what is supposed to be a saucy move* The CL is *so* not saucy. *feels not-so-gentle tug on the back of veil*

Henry: *eyes wide with fascination* "Mommy, what you doing?!"

CL: "Oh, let go sweetheart. Mommy is practicing her dance routine." *attempts envelope move*

Henry: "Mommy! Can I come in there with you?!"

CL: *mangles envelope* "No sweetheart. Why don't you play with the water in the kitchen sink." *move of true desperation*

Henry: "I go get my pots and pans!!"

CL: *assists Hank up on kitchen chair by sink while trying to continue undulation*

Henry: *happy*

CL: *worries about what to do for solo 16 count step* *wishes her choice could be to eliminate solo*

Henry: *splashes*

CL: *attempts 8 count saucy walk* *combines socks, chiffon veil, laminate kitchen floor, and clumsiness - the inevitable happens*

Henry: "Mommy, are you OTay?!"

CL: *sighs*

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  1. Oh, no! I hope you walked away without too many bumps and bruises. PS: Hank says the cutest things and your writing style really brings it out. :)


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