Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow day!

So, in an unexpected development, all 4 of us are home for a snow day today. The university that I work at was actually closed by the Governor (which *never* happens), and we're all kind of scratching our heads a bit. :0 We're Western New Yorkers. We're...hearty. 8-12 inches of snow really isn't a big deal around here. Not even really worth talking about. But we've had a very mild winter, and I think the Powers That Be panicked a bit when this snow was officially classified as a Winter Storm. Plus the K-12 schools have not yet had a snow day declared this winter, and so here we are.

I was planning a much needed vacation day from work today. Translation -> ALONE TIME. Dancing time. Hours of endless Hallmark mysteries time. Knitting time. Tea time. Now I have my precious children here with me. :0 They were super thrilled for about 20 minutes while they watched a cartoon together this morning. Then:

"Our TV time is over? Oh. We're booooorrrreeeed!"

Upon which time they were shooed outside in their snow gear to play. Which worked until they started fighting. Then they were forced against their will to play a board game together, which also worked until they started fighting. These snow days are not NEARLY as fun as I remember them from when I was a kid. :0

Let's pray everybody has school tomorrow. ;-) As for you and I, we have book club tomorrow! We're going to be discussing how to create holy leisure time.


How are you spending your snow day today (if you have one)?


  1. No snow day here but I'm in southern California and don't live in the mountains. So it's a normal Tuesday but Tuesday is my short day. So a reference desk shift, grocery shopping and today trying to figure out why my mom's computer is so slow.

    1. Hi Melanie! Tuesday is my short day too, so I was chagrined to have that one off. :o

  2. Have to laugh - your snow day doesn't sound like the ones I spent as a child either! And I had four siblings . . . . We got about an inch of snow here - not enough to cancel anything - but hey! I got a 'snow day" anyway as my niece (who usually comes for lunch with her kindergarten child) couldn't come as the children she babysits got out of school early. So did I PLAY on my snow day? Um . . . not really . . . worked on the kitchen and did finish typing up a story. I do intend to PLAY a bit and work on a quilt after supper - does that count?
    Snow days used to be such a long, fun filled days . . . hope you at least got tea!

    1. Hi Donna!

      I did at least get tea, hee hee! Actually, it wasn't a bad day. But we do get cooped up, and with the kids still being the ages that they are, it's not like sitting and down and chilling is really an option. *sob!*

  3. Snow?! It's 90+F today. I'm miserable from the already warming-up-too-fast spring.

    1. Delta,

      *scream face emoji*

      I have to admit, I hate heat. I wish we weren't having a snow storm in March, but agreed. I wouldn't like 90 degree heat either!


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