Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany #28 - Wrapping is my Kryptonite...

Well look at that, it's Thursday. Time for our weekly installment of:

This week I have an Advent update, of both the spiritual and more task oriented variety. And that would include both wins and failures. ;-) Also, preparation for Christmas! Want to know my least favorite part? View on, dear viewer. You'll notice that I've been keeping these videos shorter of late. I'm just trying to keep them accessible and easy to watch. I can be chatty, so yes indeed some of my older videos are more in the 10 minute family. Lately, I've been keeping them closer to 6 minutes. If you haven't watched my videos in the past, try out one of these shorter ones and give it a try!

Items mentioned in this episode:
  • Pray More Novenas Christmas Novena. We're only on day 2, so totally fine to catch up and join in!
  • Feedback from the last video about possible audio editions of Tea Time? *crickets* :-) So the videos are staying, I won't swap them out with audio! But stay tuned for a new audio project in the new year.
  • I mentioned the Magnificat Advent Companion, which you probably either have already or don't want to get at this point. BUT Magnificat has a Year of Mercy Companion available for download with the same type of format of daily reflections.
How are you, dear reader? How is your Advent going? What are your weekend plans? Do tell me all about it in the comments. :-)


  1. Wrapping is my Krypotonite too! I don't have that many things to wrap this year, though. Most people are getting gifts in a jar, so I'm doing gift bags for those folks. Makes it much easier to manage. I just have bags all over the corner of our living room ;)

  2. Hi Steph! Yes, I'm familiar with the gift bag conundrum as well. ;-) They're messy, but they do get the job done faster and easier.

  3. I like the videos too. Since the videos are only 5-10 minutes they work as just videos. I think if your videos were in the 20-40 minute range then audio would be nice.

    I have so much wrapping to do! I don't mind it it just gets to be time I'm a perfectionist trying to make sure all the corners look nice and even. But I LOVE opening wrapped gifts. I usually pick myself stuff along my shopping trips that I end up wrapping for me to open. I know I'm silly.

    I need to check out that pray more novena's christmas novena as I never do the Christmas Novena because you have to say the prayer 40 times a day or something crazy that I just don't have the discipline to do.

    I always fail at Advent Companions. Advent is so short and busy!! I will make up for it during Lent ;)

  4. Beth Anne! Thanks so much for the feedback, very helpful. Good idea to watch while wrapping, too. ;-) Yes, I am liking the Pray More Novenas version of the Christmas novena very well. Agreed on Advent vs. Lent. It is much easier to focus on spiritual simplicity during Lent. :-)


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