Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tea Time with Tiffany #27 - Teaching winding down, & Advent successes and fails...

Morning all! Squeezed in right before a reference shift, we have this week's installment of:

Today I talk about teaching! End of the semester grading, minor annoyances, that sort of thing. :) Also Advent and Christmas preparation! What have I kept up with, and what have I neglected? View on!

A hair flip! :0

Items mentioned in this episode:
Oh, oh, before I forget! I mentioned at the beginning of the video that I had contemplated tossing in audio tea sessions sometimes. Like maybe I'll record something while I go out for a walk, or something like that. Would you all like that some weeks instead of a video? Let me know!

Otherwise, also let me know how your Advent is going, and how your Christmas preparations are shaping up! :)


  1. When you posted the Christmas novena, I thought it was beautiful and decided that I would pray it this advent. However, I too fell off the wagon. I recently found Praying for Christmas with Pope Benedict XVI : An Advent Novena on my bookshelf (although it is more of a booklet). It has readings and a meditation for each of the days leading up to Christmas. I haven't used it before but no time like the present.

  2. Hi Melanie! OK, good to know that I'm in good company. :) The Pope Benedict booklet sounds beautiful! And yes, there is nothing saying that we can't pick up something after Advent has already started. One day at a time, right? So why not make each day meaningful, even if it's already a few weeks into Advent.


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