Monday, December 14, 2015

Of wacky holiday crafts & open mic nights on the 3rd Sunday of Advent...

Hi all, and happy third week of Advent! How are things going for you? My Advent has been lovely, I've been feeling calm and happy. And yesterday, Gaudete Sunday, is one of my favorite Sundays of the year! I wore a pink top to Mass to commemorate this occasion. :-)

Our Advent wreath all lit for week 3, oohhhhh...
The kids were very well behaved at Mass, and things generally went well over the weekend. Lots of activity to report in, so settle in with your beverage of choice...

The weekend found me doing LOTS of last minute gift crafting. I finished the socks:

Can you hear the angels singing?
...and moved onto to frantically knitting dishcloths. I knitted watermelon dishcloths earlier in the fall, and I wanted to supplement those gifts, so I embarked on a fruit-themed endeavor. Here is Anne posing with her penguin in front of an in-progress strawberry dishcloth:

I also finished an apple cloth, and a different, solid green watermelon cloth. That was a win. Then I started on a colorwork hat that I've been commissioned to knit, and I seriously LOVE IT. I will post photos later this week. Oh, and I also have to squeeze in a crocheted cat before Christmas. We're getting there!

In other crafting news, I spent some time on Friday readying my tray for my dance troupe's Christmas video shoot. I gathered garland, ornaments, and a gift box to adorn my tray:

Kinda sorta?
It's not terrible, right? I don't have a hot glue gun or any fancy supplies, but I did what I could with materials found around the home. And it balances well.

This is what totally normal people do on Friday nights, yes?
We rehearsed this past Friday, and will record this week. I'm certain that will provide much amusing fodder.

Speaking of amusing dance anecdotes, we had a performance Saturday night. There is a new organization in our area called Dance Days, and they hosted a 12 Days of Dance event at the beginning of December. There is going to be a big festival this summer surrounding it, which is super exciting, but in the meantime, Saturday night was a fundraiser toward paying for all of this dance goodness. Our troupe was asked to perform.

It was a bit different than what I was expecting in that it was an open mic night. So, any performer could show up and perform, it wouldn't all be dance. We were given an approximate time slot, just given that we are a full group and there are more logistics to getting us all there and ready on time, as opposed to solo performers. Our slot was 9 pm, which is all "late" for those of us in the over 30 crowd.

I have to admit, given the above, I wasn't as excited about it as I usually am. I was feeling tired, and was wanting to lay around in my pj's on my couch, knitting, drinking wine, and watching Downton Abbey, as opposed to dancing squashed onto a small stage with 7 other women, a piano, and two Christmas trees, while a sparse crowd sips hot cocoa. But such is the way of things.

We all crammed into two cars and drove together down to the venue and the aforementioned tiny stage. We sat around for a bit, beads uncomfortably digging into our skin, watching various stand-up comedians and singer/songwriters. The only other dancer there was a tap dancer, who was very fun.

When it was our turn, we all herded onto the stage in our bright pink troupe costumes, making it appear as if a case of Pepto Bismol had just exploded. The space was a little tough, some of us had to dance down on the floor level in order to accommodate everyone. Me, knowing myself, paid very close attention to how near I was to the drop off between levels throughout our performance. The last thing we need is a belly dancer in a pink heap on the floor with a sprained ankle.

Thankfully, all went well, although I nearly accidentally kicked a floor light during a hip drop segment. The crowd was attentive, and although the event wasn't exactly bursting at the seams, there were a decent number of attendees. Afterward, we stayed for some more singing and one chanting/spoken word performance that I can only describe as surreal (and not in a good way :0) before slipping out. I was happy to get home to my wine.

Coming up I have lots of fun dance events that I'm looking forward to. I was asked to perform solo for a restaurant gig, but it was for New Years Eve, and I'm already booked that day with Mike and the kids. :) Alas, because I'm certain that would have been amusing fodder. After the new year though, there is MUCH more dance fun to be had, so I'll keep you all posted!

How was your third Sunday of Advent? I've got some book and other crafty stuff to post about this week, so make sure to check back! Looking forward to chatting with you then!


  1. Hello again Tiffany, goodness I am getting better at commenting. I am the lady that loves to read your blog but rarely comments. It also helps that it is a quiet night here at the library. Only me on the reference desk tonight, and in the workroom is a box of Ferrero Rochers, a box of very expensive chocs & cheesecake from a birthday in the fridge. I will not be held responsible!!
    Anyway I wanted to say that the photo of Anne that you showed with her penguin, do you realize she is the image of you, the same smile : )
    Also to thank you, as you were very instrumental in helping me decide on a kindle, after reading your comments about your "Patrick" I was excited after coming home from a church Pot Luck yesterday to see Amazon had delivered, and on a Sunday too.
    So currently thinking of a name for mine now : )
    Good luck with all your knitting, where do you find the time, I am in awe, do you secretly have a 28 hour day?

    Take care
    Clare Ann

  2. Our Sunday went well, over all. Our children continue to be the parish entertainment during mass. As with many families with young children, ours like to put items in the collection basket at church. For the second Sunday in a row, my daughter has objected to the usher that works our side of the isle during donation collection. He has facial hair. My daughter does not like ("Yike") facial hair. As an infant she would burst into tears at the sight of anyone with facial hair. Santa pictures are a real treat to procure. As a result, my daughter stood at the end of the pew, waiting to put her money into the collection basket, only to announce, "No! I want the man in the blue shirt!" The man in the blue shirt, collecting for the other side of the isle, does not have facial hair.

    My son, on the other hand doesn't say much, unless he doesn't feel like contributing (like this weekend), in which case, when presented with the collection basket, he will announce, "My Dollar!" before running down the isle or diving underneath the pew ahead of us (which is what he did this weekend).

    As a consequence, the usher for our side of the isle was laughing *before* he arrived at our pew, in anticipation of the circus.

    And, lest I forget, I love your tray :)

  3. Clare Ann,

    So nice to hear from you again!! I'm hoping that you become a regular commenter. ;-) Awww, thanks so much for your comment abour my Anne! I think both of my kids look so much like Mike, it makes me a little jealous sometimes! But I can see a little bit of myself in their faces, and I'm glad that's apparent to others too. :-)

    New Kindle family member, yay!!!! You have to give yours a nice Catholic name. Do report in with your choice. ;-) I think you're going to love it. I adore mine, and really favor reading on it these days. I'm actually contemplating re-purchasing books in Kindle form that I own print copies of, simply because my reading experience is so much better with it.

    As for knitting, I get a leg up because I knit during my lunch hour at work. That really helps! And I always knit or crochet in the evenings while Mike and I watch TV. I'm a multi-tasker. ;-)

  4. Amy, yay!!I'm glad you approve of my tray, I was waiting for your take on it. ;-) And I just burst out laughing at your description of the collection basket situation, literally a lol! Both of my kids have always loved putting the envelopes in as well, in fact Anne still does. And she gets upset if she's not back yet from Children's Liturgy of the Word when they come to collect and thus I put the envelope in. Major drama. :0


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