Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summertime dancing & new Facebook friends, because we need a lighter post around here... :)

"I read your CNMC post and watched the video. You must be exhausted."

"Why yes, yes I am."


That would be my lovely sister Shauna'h, Introvert Candidate Of The Century #2, and thus she understands the toll such emotional socializing and chronicling has on a person. You could have knocked me right over with a feather Tuesday evening, and that's why I took yesterday off from writing.

In the meantime, I was fielding all sorts of new Facebook friend requests from people I met this past weekend, and I had a thought.

*trumpets blare!*

Yes, occasionally I am away from my children and thus have coherent, uninterrupted thoughts. ;-) The thing is this: on Twitter, I'm somewhat anonymous. I do not use my last name on there, although I now know a good deal of people in real life that I interact with on Twitter. And Twitter is my faith community. My handle is @CatholicTiffany for a reason. I feel free to be as Catholic as I like on Twitter.

On Facebook I am very much NOT anonymous. For a very long time, the only people I was friends with on Facebook were family and close, real life friends. Most of my activity on that particular platform surrounds the sharing of photos. Then a few people with whom I was very interactive on Twitter found me on Facebook, and I was good with that. But now I officially have been found by a lot of other people, whom I met in real life, and feel very connected to, HOWEVER...

They met me this weekend, and we chatted and bonded. But they may or may not know my very not so closely guarded secret, which is very apparent on Facebook. And that is...


*look of innocence* ;-)

I usually say "Middle Eastern Dance" rather than the 'b' word, but let's just be frank. In American parlance, we call it belly dancing. And on Facebook, I get tagged in tons of photos in which I'm wearing an eye searingly bright dance costume and belly dancing with my fabulous troupe. On a stage, in the equally bright dance studio, in parks, at outdoor festivals - battling fierce wind conditions, attracting bumble bees, and dragging leaves that get caught in beading in our wake - dance on we do.

And just given that I met these people at a Catholic conference, and they know me as Catholic Tiffany from Twitter, I always worry about them being a bit surprised by this part of my identity. :) But you know what? I'm 40 now, and do you know what this means?

*drum roll*

I don't fret so much about such things. Being 40 means that your new life motto is:

"Would it be better if I cared more? Too late!"

I hope they're cool with it, and just based upon their personalities over giant glasses of alcoholic beverages, I'm thinking they will be. But regardless, if they're not cool with it, they can always unfriend me. So I accepted their friend requests. And so far nobody has unfriended me. ;-) After all, my cover photo is a shot of me dancing at a hafla in a bright green costume complete with silk veil fluttering behind me, so I think they're on to me. And I think that they will accept me for who I am, alternate dance persona and all. This is why I love them.

Dance has been on my mind anyway, because we have three festival performances in July, and I need to ready a solo. I'm actually thinking of choreographing it, since I'd like to dance to a drum, and drum pieces are much more difficult to improvise to. I do so love to improvise, it feels very natural to me. But in this instance, choreography is better, so I'm plotting about that a bit, choosing a song and all that fun stuff. A coming Tea Time with Tiffany video post will be devoted to dance in the spirit of summer. Fun, yes?! :)

I'm certain that there will be amusing updates on this little project, and as ever, I will share them. Dancing at outdoor venues brings a multitude of unique disasters that can befall us, and Always In Firm Control Tiffany does not like aforementioned possibilities. But we press on.

Do you have any fun summer plans, dear reader? Please write in and let me know. I will ooooh and aaahh and joyfully share the excitement with you. :)


  1. I AM going to totally MAKE your day. Remember this morning when you said you had a big birthday ...i totally for real, honest to goodness THOUGHT you were referring to your 30th!!! I thought I had 16 years on you ;))))) no really, for reals!

  2. HA HA HA!!! Yes, indeed, this MAKES MY DAY!! Thank you! I like to think that I have a very youthful look going on. ;-) Whenever I get carded at the liquor store, I want to tackle the inevitably early 20's clerk with glee! I am officially one of *those* people. :0


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