Monday, August 4, 2014

Of crafting & running wildly through mattress stores - The Catholic Librarian's weekend...

Afternoon everyone! I hope that you all had a lovely and enjoyable August weekend. I did. Mostly. Well, my kids did a lot of whining this weekend which cut into the enjoyment a bit :) but other than that it was productive and good. We had crafts. We had mattress shopping. We had injuries. Oh. I guess that wasn't so good, but it did have a happy ending. Let's start with Friday...

(1) Anne's encounter with the coffee table - Our coffee table is a bit on the evil side. It seems to reach out and grab ones leg at regular intervals producing angry-looking bruises. When Anne first became mobile, I dutifully bought these foam triangles to stick onto the corners, and Mike looked *extremely* amused by this:

"Do you really think one of the kids isn't going to RIP these things off the first opportunity they get?" #Reasonable #Realistic #Intelligent

"Well, they're stuck on pretty good. I'll tell them not to touch them. I'm going to hope for the best." #HopeSpringsEternal #Optimist #Naive

Yeeeaaaaahhhh. This is another instance in which my husband, always very level-headed and logical, was right. You'll see another instance of this in a moment. :0

Well, the inevitable happened, which is that each kid bumped their leg on the corner, didn't like it, and steered clear of the coffee table. Problem solved.

But on Friday, the kids decided to roughhouse near the coffee table. Mike and I were cleaning up after dinner when we hear a loud bang, followed by hysterical crying. I turn to see Anne running into the kitchen, half of her face covered in blood. My first reaction is to:

(a) Panic
(b) Start crying too. #TotallyNotHelpful

Mike grabs a napkin, clears the blood away, and ascertains that Anne has a cut above her eye. He assures me that it's small, but it's an area that will bleed a lot, making it look a lot worse than it actually is. He firmly held a new napkin to the wound to get it to stop bleeding while I comforted Anne. Oh man. I am SO bad at dealing with stuff like that. I'm a soother and a nurturer, but the blood stuff? Thank God for Mike.

(2) Let's all oooh and aahh at Tiffany's amateur efforts at being crafty

After our harrowing Friday evening, I was happy to move onto crafts on Saturday, believe me. :) I finished up a pair of green earrings to match one of my dance costumes, and I have to say, these may be my favorite pair that I have made, I kind of love them:

So sparkly
I also knitted a baby hat to match a cardigan that is currently blocking for a soon-to-be-born babe:

Just imagine the precious little head that will squeeze into this :)
I also had my mother-in-law aid me with some alterations to a new costume (chocolate brown, orange and green!) which I'm super excited about. I will include photos in some future installment of Belly Dance Monday. :0

(3) Apparently, laying on every single bed in the store and racing down the aisles is necessary for proper mattress selection

We attended the vigil Mass on Saturday evening, so our Sunday morning was freed up a bit. Thus, we bit the bullet and went mattress shopping for the kids. Henry really needs a new one and Anne is ready for a change in her sleeping quarters.

I've been dreading this because it means that my baby is ready to move out of her crib :( which she IS, regardless of my feelings on the matter. We did some price browsing previously, and had a place in mind we thought would fall into the ideal range. We headed out.

The instant the children got through the door it's like some Mattress Store Force overtook them. They made a beeline to the far corner and proceeded to lay on everything in sight, and why walk between lie-ins when you can run instead?! Several interventions were necessary on the running front, but I will say that they behaved themselves well.

They had precisely what we were looking for, so we ended up buying a small twin set for Anne, and Henry picked out a lovely twin for himself with a pillowtop mattress. So we're all set and the beds will be delivered next week. I have until then to prepare myself for Anne's transition. *sniffle*

That was my weekend. How was yours? Leave me a comment. :)

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