Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall is in the air, in a number of fun & crafty ways...

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had a few ideas marinating this morning for what I wanted to write about today, and decided how to sort them out while on the reference desk. I like to use my morning routine and commute for this, when I listen to podcasts and read my Magnificat, both of which often provide fodder. As I was driving in this morning and listening to Catholic Vitamins, I was thinking about how things have very subtly changed this month. My crafting projects are all geared toward the weather cooling off and holiday gift giving, people are beginning to talk about events coming up in September and October, and as I pulled onto campus it was very evident that fall is already here at this university. Early move-in is happening now, and a giant tent is erected in the middle of campus to welcome new students and pass out needed materials. So, how is the life of your Catholic Librarian reflecting our transition over to (in my opinion) the most beautiful season of the year?

For one, shoes. :0 Well, shopping generally, I suppose, because I also need some new cold weather additions to my wardrobe generally. I'm not really what you would call a "shoe person," shoes are purely functional to me, and I own very few pairs. However, vanity does provide the impetus for me to seek out shoes that flatter my somewhat large feet. I do like *cute shoes*, I just pick some and then hope that they last several years so that I don't have to buy new ones again for awhile. I'd rather spend extra money on things like yarn and rosaries. ;-)

But my fall work pumps from last season, which I *love*, are showing clear signs of wear. They certainly got a lot of use, so I knew I should procure a new pair for when the weather turns. I found a pair I liked, and headed to the store after work yesterday, armed with a coupon:

Cute, right? But even more devastating was their sister, also available in my size:

I mean, did you ever?! The gray checked pattern?! LOVE. Despite the somewhat warm conditions in my un-air conditioned car yesterday, fall was certainly in the air as I motored home with my new shoes. Because yes, I bought both pairs. :0

Fall is also certainly present in my current knitting projects, both those in-progress as well as those that have recently come off the needles. I cast on for a fall cardigan for Anne, I make her one every year:

I'm going to repeat those same 4 colors throughout, and border it in a slightly darker green. It's coming out really cute, and Anne keeps absconding with and cuddling the yarn, which I'm taking as a very good sign. :)

My twin nephews' birthdays are coming up in October, and I'm going to be knitting them winter hats with ear flaps and ties:

Yep, haven't cast on yet :) but soon this yarn will be transformed into adorable blue hats. Recently off my needles (and a year in the making) is an autumn tweed sweater for myself:

It's blocking currently, which of course will enhance it's shape since it's wool, but it's designed to be a boyfriend sweater, a roomy pullover. When I soaked it, it lengthened quite a bit, which is very pleasing, and I was able to shape the neckline as well. I will photograph again when it is dry and I can try it on. Excited!

So, the above, along with Henry's confetti socks, which are coming along nicely:
We have a heel and part of a foot!
...are what I've been working on of late during my lunch and evenings. Lovely things to keep us warm when the nights turn cool, which they likely will start doing even before the end of August.

I've also been plotting some rosaries that I want to make as gifts, which led me to think about praying the rosary generally. I almost wrote about that today. So how about tomorrow? Prepare to discuss how you work a rosary into your prayer life please! I'd love to hear from you. :) Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. cute shoes! And love the sweater! I totally wish I could make myself a sweater. I don't think I would have the patience! I gave up on knitting :(

    1. Don't give up! It took me a LONG time to really find my way with knitting, and not feel like I had 2 left hands. :)

  2. *stares at fall foliage picture*


    I miss New England in the fall. I miss New England in the fall soooooo badly.

    I love Texas, but I might give...well, not an arm, but maybe a finger? live in New England in the fall again.

    Also, I love those shoes. Y'know, sometimes I wish I worked out of the house, and having a reason to wear shoes like that is definitely on the list of "why." SO CUTE.

    Ahh, well, on the bright side, not living in New England in the fall means I'm not living there in February, either, so there is a bright side...

    1. I do adore the fall, too. :) What kind of seasonal changes do you see in Texas in the fall?

    2. Seasonal early November, it's no longer unspeakably hot and humid? We don't usually need to use the AC while having people over for Thanksgiving?


      To be fair, it really does vary from area to area. I'm in central Texas now, so it's very humid and warm here. In north Texas, where I lived until I got married, we could count on nice weather starting in the first or second week of October.

      Our weather patterns are such that we don't get much fall foliage in north or central Texas. In the north, too little rain; here, we get a bit more, but the leaves tend to just turn brown and fall off the trees in December. I do remember one year--2007, maybe?--when north Texas got more rain than usual, and we had (by Texas standards :p) the most lovely trees. I skived off classes more than I should admit just to sit outside and stare at them. *looks sheepish*

      Lest I sound too depressing, November-March has fairly nice weather in this area. And I still find it amusing to go to more upscale grocery stores and people-watch the uber-rich older southern belles wearing their furs anytime it's under 60 outside, pointing grandly at a container of organic yogurt for their maid to place in the cart. :D


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