Monday, June 9, 2014

Pentecost Sunday...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm back at work after a perfectly lovely Pentecost Sunday. It was an overcast day, one with a cool summer breeze that make you very happy to nestle inside. 

Anne really likes going to Mass these days, she's always anxious to go, but Henry is still difficult to get motivated. He likes going up to communion, but we have a lot of work to do with getting him engaged in the liturgy. Ever since his First Communion preparation though, he *has* been doing much better with following along in his missal. That's a definite improvement. I love looking over and seeing his little brow furrowed as he flips to the appropriate passages, so sweet.

So we packed up and headed out, me sacrificing myself by letting the children pick the music that we listened to on the ride to our parish. I had a big bag of clothes that Anne has outgrown to pop into the donation bin in the parking lot, and Henry always fields this task. He does a great job at hoisting the bag into the bin and getting it to fall through in one attempt. My attempts are not nearly so elegant or successful.

We get into the church, and I made sure to point out the red banners and vestments to the kids, explaining that they were just for Pentecost. Anne was wide eyed, Henry looked noncommittal. :)

We all enjoyed the special Sequence that the congregation sings on Pentecost, and Anne happily pointed out that the fountain in place on the altar for Easter was still present. I wistfully told her that this would be it's last week, since we officially go back to Ordinary Time after Pentecost Sunday, all the way to Advent. *sob*

Both kids were very well behaved for Mass. Henry looks adorable when he processes up for communion, hands folded prayerfully. Anne has even started walking on her own in the communion line so that my hands are freed up to receive from the chalice as well.

After Mass, I remarked to Mike what a lovely Easter season it was. A lot of my Lent was very spiritually dry, but I had a hall-of-fame Holy Week, and the Easter season that followed has been very fruitful. May, in particular, resonated with me this year. Likely because I had a child receiving a sacrament this May, I really reveled in Catholic sacramental season, and noticed the other associated traditions. The May Crowning, ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate, rosary processions. All so special.

Later in the day, as we were home preparing for a Sunday dinner with my mom, it started raining. An absolutely fabulous, perfectly cool summer rain. I was so glad to be home and thinking about Pentecost Sunday, and upcoming Ordinary Time. There are still so many riches to be had there, and I'm looking forward to exploring them with you. :)

How was your Pentecost Sunday? Leave me a comment!

* Photo from Holymusic55 on Photobucket

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