Monday, February 10, 2014

A First Communion meeting of below zero wind chill and super glue...

Friday evening found me freezing my saint medals off at Henry's school for a parent's meeting regarding the upcoming big First Communion celebration. And so, how did it go?


I left the house around 6:45 for the 7 pm meeting feeling a bit punchy, since I was not happy to be missing my dance class. Certainly, Henry's receiving the Eucharist is more important than my dance class, I just object to the scheduling of these meetings. Friday evenings, really? Mike has fielded the last two (also on Friday evenings), and they're crowded, somewhat chaotic gatherings since the school kids are pooled together with the larger religious education program. I suppose I wish they simply organized things differently. If I were in charge, that's what I would do, and I feel very self righteous about the whole thing. *gentle snort*

But that's neither here nor there. I arrived, and the 30 second walk from my car to the building was downright excruciating. It was *so cold*. This has been some kind of winter, to be sure. I simply couldn't warm up the entire time I was there, and thus was a dork and left my scarf on. Anyway, I signed in, picked up a packet of paperwork, and was directed to fetch a burlap canvas. Uh oh. This must mean A CRAFT.

Now see, people think that because I knit and crochet, that means I'm *crafty.* My friends, I am here to tell you that I am not. Sit me down with construction paper, glitter, dried macaroni, felt and high intensity glue, and when you come back you'll find me trying to herd a pile of glitter onto a specific spot in my clumsy drawing amid a confusing arrangement of felt shapes with my right index finger and thumb glued together. Art was just never my talent.

But just as in school, I have to do it anyway. :) Henry and I need to create a "First Communion banner" with his name and Eucharistic imagery on it. Despite my utter lack of talent with such implements, I *am* looking forward to this. This is going to involve a trip to the craft store, and I'm angling for the scrapbooking aisle where I'm thinking appropriate felt shapes and images will be pre-cut out for us, just waiting to be stickied onto our banner with their own self-adhesive tape. This sounds Non-Crafty Person Proof, no?

So, there is that. We also have to bake a small loaf of bread, and you see, this is another one of my distinct lack of talents. Baking = Dangerous in the Catholic Librarian household. I really wish we didn't have to do this, but this is apparently how it has always been done at this parish (the one affiliated with Henry's school, which is not our home parish). And the Lady In Charge *clearly* does not like to do things that Have Not Always Been Done. The meeting lasted an hour, and it was clear that she reigns as Queen of Religious Education for this parish's program, no doubt about that, and has for approximately the past 20 years. She's perfectly lovely, but it was apparent that there was a Way Things Are Done, and nobody is going to mess with that, no sir.

Anyway, back to small loaves of bread. This seems rather pointless to me, but it's a part of the Offertory, so we either have to bake one or buy one. I'm seeing myself in an explosive cloud of flour sometime in early May, I'll keep you posted on that.

There was lots of talk about what the children should wear. It all seemed like common sense to me, but I realize that there are people out there who do not use common sense when it comes to clothing. I do like that each child is called up by name to receive, along with his or her parents, and so I'll be able to receive the Eucharist right after Henry does. We had to put in for a first and second choice for date, since there are 2 First Communion Masses, and I'm hoping we get May 3rd. May 10th is so close to Anne's birthday, and that's a lot of parties in 2 weeks time for your easily harried hostess. :)

So we'll see. I came home armed with good information, albeit freezing and bearing burlap. Anybody else have a First Communion coming up this spring? It's a lovely thought, is it not? Leave me a comment!


  1. The banner thing is still around? Wow. I had one.

    Interesting that they asked you to bake bread. At my school, one of the second grade teachers (with help from a couple parents I think) uses the kitchen in our wing to bake bread with the children--I think small loaves, where one goes home to the family and then they distribute the other loaves to people throughout school, I think those involved in First Eucharist. I have a loaf from last year in my freezer because I have food allergies but didn't want to throw it out! (I cantor at the Mass.)

    I understand the "what to wear" talk. My school is private and many families are well-off. . . which leads to the attempts to outdo each other with bigger and crazier outfits for the girls. Some of them have too-high heels, and big hair, and a giant poufy dress--it's a distraction if you ask me.

    I'm artistic but not super-crafty, so I wish you the best with the banner and the baking!

    1. Yes, the dress code thing is understandable. *Short* Communion dresses? Apparently they exist. As do dresses with trains and bustles, I've seen them. With a boy, it's not AS much of a concern. Apparently, one year a little boy showed up in a limo with a tux on. :0


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