Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes {Take 32} Springtime changes, and lead up to Lent edition...

-1- I know it's not spring yet *officially*, but it is the spring semester here in university life, so that's what I'm going by. This is always the time of year that even this winter lover gets tired of the gigantic dirty piles of snow next to all of our driveways and longs for the freshness of spring weather. I will say though that winter is an introvert's dream in a cold weather climate. The instant the weather breaks (by which I mean "above 35 degrees Fahrenheit") everyone is out in their shirt sleeves and... you know. Wanting to BE SOCIAL. Suddenly everyone wants to TALK to you.

"Hey!!!!!! I haven't seen you since Halloween!! How's it goin' girl?!"

The year I had Anne, my due date was just past mid-May. And my neighbors are *close* to us. We live in a very urban suburb, the houses are extremely close together. We can see into their living room from inside our house. But anyway, they hadn't seen me all winter, and it was a very cold spring that year too. Suddenly, it's early May, and everyone comes out of hibernation.

"Hey Tiffany! How are..."

They catch a glimpse of my belly, no longer shrouded in a bulky winter coat, and you can tell they are frantically searching their brains for whether I am in fact pregnant or whether I maybe just gained 25 pounds over the winter and am carrying it *extremely* poorly. You know how paranoid people are about acknowledging pregnancy.

"I'm due May 23rd."

"But! We didn't even know you were pregnant!!"

People really take it as an affront when they didn't even know you were pregnant yet you are due in 2 weeks. :)

-2- So yes, spring is still some time away in this part of the country, but spring is on the minds of all of us. I haven't been teaching as much this semester, but in exchange meetings have apparently been getting cozy with each other and are reproducing like rabbits on my day planner. HOLY SMOKES. And, to be blunt, I don't like meetings. My mind wanders, my butt hurts from sitting, and if more than an hour passes I feel like crawling out of my own skin.

I am on a LOT of committees this semester. And committees = meetings. Some of it is good stuff, it really is. Like the new curriculum-related committee I'm on. But the meetings. *groans*

-3- Speaking of meetings, my boss asked me to chair a short term committee related to one of my main job responsibilities, which is a research tutorial of sorts. I *loathe* chairing committees, but my boss asked me to do it. It's not like I can say no. :0

And so, let me tell you, if I'm going to take on chairing a group, we are going to run a tight ship.

"It's 9. Let's get started." #nomarginforlateness

Yesterday, I got to the room I booked for our meeting and realized that it didn't have a computer and projector in it. No matter.  I actually *wrote on the chalkboard* so that everyone could see what we needed to go over. No wasting time on my watch, no sir.

"Ok, we have 15 more minutes, this is what we can cover in that time..."

*discussion ensues* *looks at clock*

9:59. Whether or not someone is talking is of no consequence.

"Meeting adjourned. You'll hear from me tomorrow via email."

I have this imposing list of to-do items that I update after each meeting with what we accomplished, noting items that need addressed at the next meeting in red. #mostanalcommitteechairEVER

One of my colleagues came up to me today though at the reference desk and complimented my meeting style, saying that she wished I ran more meetings. :0

Victory is mine.

-4- All right, so as the spring semester progress, this means that Lent is approaching. Every year I make a plan for Lent. So far, I have not devised one yet, but the process is part of the fun. I'll plan something to either give up or add into my daily routine, and usually I plan to read a certain book. Typical, I guess. Often, I try to add something into my prayer routine instead of giving something up, I may do that again. And I haven't picked a book yet. Ideas? What are you all doing for Lent?

-5- As part of the fun lead up process :) I'm going to be participating in the next 7 Blog Posts in 7 Days Challenge over at It starts on Monday and I'm terribly excited. I'm going to be posting on Lenten topics next week as part of this. FUN, right? A nice preparation process. We're working on a topic list now, because to-do lists are what we do best. Stay tuned for Monday's installment. :)

-6- Also next week, I'm going to be starting the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots. Anybody want to join in?! First day will be Monday, and I'll put up a tab next to "About Me" with links to the prayers for those who would like to participate. The novena will end the day before Ash Wednesday. Perfect, no?!

-7- And so, before all the revelry that will be next week, I'm looking forward to taking it easy this weekend after a long, meeting-intensive week at work. Tomorrow, my parents are taking me out to lunch for my birthday. *beams* They're taking me to my very favorite casual dining restaurant in the world, and our local one closed up years ago, meaning that I haven't eaten there since Henry was little. This birthday lunch actually involves going to *Canada* to get access to the goodness that is Swiss Chalet. :0 Those who have eaten there know exactly what I'm talking about.

Chalet sauce, anybody? What do they put in there, crack?! I don't know, but whatever it is, it could solve our quest for world peace, if you ask me. It's THAT good.

Sunday, we're going to be watching the Daytona 500 and ordering in some food to enjoy with the kids. Can't.wait.

Ok, chat with you all Monday, for the first day in our 7 Posts in 7 Days lead up to Lent! Check out more 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary!

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  1. I hate meetings!! I think "How to Run an Efficient Meeting" needs to be a course in library school. No one runs meetings well. Hate them!! The only meeting I don't mind going to is the one I have with my staff, which is usually less than an hour once a month. You should read the book "Death by Meeting." I loved it. Not what you expect from the title, but worth the read. Glad you had a successful meeting!! Show them how it's done!


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