Friday, August 7, 2009

Prayer journal...

So, at the end of a very long week, I did in fact order a year subscription to the daily devotional Living Faith. The issue I picked up in my sister's parish carries me through September, and my new subscription will pick up with the October 1st issue. *excited* I like having a little something to read each morning and reflect on.

In the grand tradition of me not being able to leave well enough alone, I started contemplating exactly how I should structure my new daily devotional routine. I now read the Living Faith entry in the mornings, and my Bible chapter in the evenings. I've also started trying to read a few paragraphs of the Catechism each evening after my Bible reading. With each devotional reading, I try to glean a point that I can apply to the events in my day. Right now I'm reading the book of Acts; it will get more difficult, say, when I'm smack in the middle of 1 Chronicles. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway, given the way I reworked my routine, I thought perhaps it would be good to get myself a cute notebook and jot down the things that I gleaned. Short things, nothing elaborate. I can't do elaborate with traditional pen and paper; definitely need Microsoft Word for that. I thought that I could just write down a sentence or two on items that I took away from my reading of each of my devotional books. Excitedly, I headed out to CVS to scavenge their new school supplies. Naturally, I spent way, *way* too long looking at notebooks. Eventually, I settled upon a cute composition notebook, college ruled, with a pink cover detailing black flowers. I'm happy with it. And it was only $2.50, bonus.

So, after all that, you'd think I'd gotten right to work, correct? Not so much. On Wednesday, I was off taking care of Henry for the day. In between him interrupting me concerning hundreds of preschooler "emergencies" I tried to do my devotional reading. Not so easy. I was able to jot down a few things on my Living Faith and Bible readings, but didn't get to the Catechism. By the evening, I just needed a glass of wine, and wasn't up to Catechism reading, which is not light by anyones standards. I'm firmly in the liturgy section and will remain there for some time. Last night, I was just plumb tuckered. So, we'll see how this goes. I really want to establish a good rhythm with daily devotions.

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