Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall is in the air...

This morning, I got out of my car and started the walk into the library and I noticed something wonderful - the air was chilly. As you may know, I'm a total freak of human nature and I don't like hot weather. I appreciate hot weather to the extent that I enjoy living in a climate that has 4 true seasons, and after summer I revel in the cooler weather all the more. I just don't like I also don't like being sticky, sweaty, sandy, or otherwise have my person affected in a heat induced manner. You should see me at the beach, a location the Catholic Librarian rarely frequents. I find the sunscreen that will leave the least amount of stick, I brush every speck of sand off that dares come in contact with my body, and if there is any possible shade I'm THERE. Bottle of water tightly by my side, sunglasses perched firmly on my face, gigantic towel shielding a city block worth of sand, and a book clutched in my hand. I may even have a hat on. God forbid I should come in contact with salt water. That makes the sticky/sweaty/sandy situation all that more complex and I will physically hurt anyone that tries to get ahead of me in the shower afterwards.

I'm a true northeastern gal, no doubt about it. Give me plummeting temperatures or give me death. Thus, I shivered my way into the building this morning, and each step along the way I was aglow with happiness. I'm envisoning hot tea, soft blankets, roaring fires... Not at work, granted. Well, except for the hot tea, which I inhale multiple times per day at work and have (naturally) spilled and unwittingly created several biohazards with. I once had to take a quarter sick day to go home, change my pants, and apply salve to my legs. I also had to call the library information technology folks to bring me a new keyboard. Sugar is not your keyboard's friend.

I'm even cold in my office, and I'm shamelessly eyeing the fleece hoodie that is hanging on the peg near my door. I'm also already thinking about the leaves starting to change color. My husband is as nerdy as me, and checks in daily on a web site that documents leaf activity by region. Before that, I had never heard the phrase "leaf drop" before, nor "leaf spotter," which Mike has applied to act as. Adorable, isn't it? There are two sugar maples near our house that I go on walks specifically to walk past in late September and October. They are *spectacular*.

So, I'm looking forward to the official first day of September. That's when it *really* feels like fall to me. Of course, there are students everywhere on campus, carrying bulky pieces of Target furniture up ramps into the dorms, which is another sign that fall is coming; classes start Monday. I don't think I'm ready. In fact, I know I'm not.

But alas, soon we'll have a cord of wood in our log rack and be roasting hot dogs and melting s'mores on the weekends. Sweet, sweet bliss...

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