Friday, July 3, 2009

Night life of a pre-schooler

Henry and I are progressing slowly but surely through the Old Testament in his little children's Bible. Last night we read about the Tower of Babel. It's all very cute. He's still a huge fan of Jonah (as well as Goliath; ah, well) and we have to read about those guys every night.

"Mommy. I want to see the fish. Why is he in there? What's that mommy? How did he get in there?!"

But I'm enjoying this particular children's Bible, because it's larger in size than the other board book Bibles that Hank has accumulated (there is more to the Bible than Adam and Eve, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Jesus being born, and Jesus greeting the children, which is all one of the editions that we have includes), but the stories are short enough so that he won't lose interest. Three year olds have an attention span of approximately 10 seconds. All in all, the Bible is very well done. Mike notes that children's Bibles seem to make God very petty: "I really don't think God got angry because this one guy was being a bit cavalier, which is how the story makes it sound..." but that's hard to avoid with these sorts of things. Hank is excited about reading the Bible, which is making me really happy. He also has a bedroom freshly painted 'surf green' at this request, with a little cross above his adorable toddler bed. Precious little soul.

Our beautiful son. Who has somehow incorporated the word "awesome" into his vocabulary. As in, "Iron Man. Awesome!" And who has demonstrated to me that certain things are ingrained into all of us from birth.

"Hank honey, have you been going potty at school?"

"Yes mommy. I goed all by myself"

"Have you pooed at school, sweetie?"

"Oh no, mommy, I couldn't possibly do that. No poo. Oh no, not at school. Just pee pee."

Apparently some things are just common human desires, regardless of age.

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