Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ladies Room Saga Continues...

I know that I complain quite a bit about the rest rooms here at work, but I can't help it. This is a serious quality of life issue, people. I use this particular ladies room multiple times per day, and it would be nice for it not to be a near occasion of sin for how angry the conditions make me. When I was pregnant it was terrible, because I was in there, absorbing the grossness, every hour on the hour. We're getting into TMI territory, so I'll get back on track.

Anyway, the soap dispensers have long been a thorn in my side in this particular ladies room. For one thing, where there is a sink, there should be a soap dispenser. I wouldn't think that this idea is all that revolutionary. There are 5 sinks; it bears to reason that each should have an accessible soap dispenser. Instead, there are 3 soap dispensers, and believe you me, they are pathetic. Out of the 3, one of them is actually nice. It's a high quality foaming soap dispenser that works great when it actually has soap in it. That's a separate issue. The other 2, in a word, suck. They both leak, dispense an absurdly small amount of soap, and you have to fight with them each time to actually do their job. The real kick in the teeth is that one of them isn't even remotely within the vicinity of an actual sink. It's over *by the door.* Why, you - a reasonable person - ask? I have no notion. All I know is that I feel ridiculous going to the door to get soap. When I bitched about this particular soap dispenser to my friend and colleague Bridget, she said "I hate that dispenser because I always worry that other people in the bathroom think that I'm heading to the door and not washing my hands before leaving." Ah ha! And I thought *I* was the only one who worried about such things. It's wonderful to not feel alone in ones neuroses :)

Anyway, the loathesome soap dispensers. Today, I go into the ladies room. Quickly, I ascertain that we have 3 brand spanking new soap dispensers...

*Angels Sing*

Once again, not 1 dispenser per sink, but you win some, you lose some. Excitedly, I note that all 3 are of the foaming variety. Now I'm really getting into this. This is BIG NEWS. Unfortunately, I am soon to discover a few unfortunate items. One, is that these are cheap ass soap dispensers. They work fine now, but I give them 3 months once school starts in the fall before terrible beatings begin to exact a toll on their bodies. Secondly, the one nice, original high quality foaming dispenser that dispensed soap like a dreamy cloud onto your upturned palm? Gone. And not just gone - in the *garbage can.* Why?! Of course, it would be months between refills of soap, so most of the time it also wasn't operational. But why spend the money on an actual nice item to just throw it away? Sigh. So, so typical of the facilities around here, unfortunately. Good people and services, but the facilities, to be charitable, leave a lot to be desired.

RIP, fancy, nice foaming soap dispenser. I'll miss you...

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  1. I saw it in the trash can! UnBULLievable! Like we have money to just be tossing away like that!


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