Thursday, June 18, 2009

Continuing house transformation...

So, I'm back. Yes, these 3 day work weeks are really getting out of hand. But I have dozens of accrued vacation days; I'm in a union, what can I say? I've been enjoying my painting, and I'm going to keep right on going. I am a bulldozing machine of a painting maniac. Old paint fears me.

So, yesterday I tackled our upstairs bath, as well as the trim in Hank's room, readying it for next week's efforts. Our upstairs bath was one of the few rooms in the house that was actually painted a color. And it was pink. A bad pink. Not only the walls, but all the trim and the *window* too. Here's the before, although the trim has already been transformed white, so imagine those pink as well:

And, in the spirit of bold color choices, here's the bathroom after:

Yes, it's brown. Mocha, to be exact. And you know they name those paint colors strategically. Who's going to buy a color called "Dirt"? "Earth worm..." You get the picture. Anyway, it is a nice warm brown, and with the white accents, it looks awesome, if I do say so myself. I managed to get paint not only on my clothes (butt included), but on my face and in my hair. It's all par for the course. Next week, Hank's room will be transformed into a sea green paradise...

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