Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And yet more painting...

Coming off of a 4 day weekend, I've been at work yesterday and today, and once again I'm contemplating taking a painting day tomorrow. What can I say? I'm a maniac. Aside from that obvious statement, I work at a college library. The summer is the one time that it's super easy to take vacation days. But I feel reckless, I tell you. I'm just slapping a big 'V' up on the office calendar willy nilly. I'm also off Friday, to care for Henry since my parents aren't available to watch him this week.

In my own defense, I rarely take time off during the main semesters. Really, in recent memory, the only days I've taken off during fall and spring semesters have been Henry-related or surrouding major holidays, like the day after Thanksgiving. I have amassed an unbelievable amount of stored vacation and other compensatory time (don't hate me, I'm in a union). And eventually, you'll lose the days if you don't use them. So there :)

Now that I've justified my painting obsession, we can dwell on the interesting details. I think I'm going to tackle the upstairs bathroom, the pink not-so-paradise, and paint it a warm mocha. It won't take long, since the room isn't that big, and it's tiled halfway up the wall. So, in between those coats I'll be once again schlepping with the white semi-gloss onto the trim in the bedrooms. This is gallon #2 since we moved into the house, and within days I'm going to need to purchase gallon #3. Again, maniac. But, it looks bright and cheerful, and the trim *badly* needs it.

I love these days I've been spending at home. I listen to my podcasts, paint my little heart out, and gradually our house feels more and more like it reflects *us*. It makes me happy :)

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